[NB: This text was first published by Drunken Boat #24, April 2017, in its Outranspo folio]

I would like to present a literary form which mixes poetry and translation, and as such, encompasses both creative and translation fields. This form, while being based on a traditional approach to translation, i.e. a translation which focuses on rendering as best as possible the meaning, the rhythm and the sound of the original text, is nonetheless a creative translation, because, as we shall see, it produces new knowledge. It is also a tool, and we will see how and why.

Contributors to this project (alphabetical order):

Santiago Artozqui — Barbara Beck — Camille Bloomfield — Anne-Laure Charbonneau — Vincent Feuillet — Irène Gayraud — Lyric Hunter — Nathalie Koble — Aya Nabih — Athena Poullos —Mary Reilly — Lily Robert-Foley — Heta Rundgren — Fipsi Seilern — Lindsay Turner — Pablo Martín Ruiz — Valentina Vuchkova — Frédéric Werst


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